For years, our well designed Systems and Processes have been producing only the best quality castings that pass even the most stringent RDSO (Railways) quality norms with flying  colors.

We have a modern Lab with an experienced Team that helps our Factory produce best results. We believe that Quality is everyone’s Business and so the team extends well beyond the Lab.


A) Carbon Sulphur determination apparatus for C%, S%. Weight analysis system for Mn, Si, Cr, Mo, Ni etc.

B)    FERRO LAB Microprocessor based Instrument, which  automatically determines  the Carbon  Equivalent Value, Carbon content and  Silicon content before each tap.

B) TEMPERATURE INDICATOR Microprocessor based Instrument, which display temperature of liquid metal in furnace ladle.

C)      SURFACE TEMPERATURE INDICATOR  To check shell-moulding pattern equipments  and centrifugal dies etc.

D)      MOISTURE TESTER To check moisture % of green sand.

E)        SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER To check core and mould hardness of Co2  Process.

F)       MOULD HARDNESS TESTER To check hardness of green sand mould.

G)      VISCOSITY CUP IS 3944 B 4 To check viscosity of foundry chemicals

H)      PERMEABILITY TESTER To check green sand permeability. • U.T.M. ( TUE-C-400 )  To check UTS, YS, Elongation

I)        DIGITAL TACHOMETER To check RPM of centrifugal machine dies.

J)        ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER Hardness Testing in HRB & HRC. • POLDY HARDNESS TESTER  To check casting hardness in BHN.

K)      MICROSCOPE INBT2 metallurgical microscope with image analyser.

L)       SIEVE SHAKER To check sand AFS No. & Sieve distributions.

Tie ups with Outside Specialized labs for other specific Tests.

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